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This Photographer Creates Amazing Planet Photos by Hand

Photographer Adam Makarenko has a portfolio filled with space photos that look like they were shot by NASA probes. But each of the planets and alien landscapes was actually made by hand and then carefully photographed. “90% of the work is completely trial and error,” Makarenko tells PetaPixel. “There are ...

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Instagram Tests Favorites: Things Are Going to Get Personal

Things are about to get personal on Instagram. Eagle-eyed users have spotted that Instagram is testing its new ‘Favorites’ feature in response to feedback requesting a more personal experience on the app. The new feature is just one of many recent rollouts from Instagram, and this one is expected to ...

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Minimalist B&W Photos of Birds in the Skies Above Greece

For his personal project Above The Street, Below The Sky, photographer Andreas Kamoutsis spent over two years watching and photographing the birds flying above the busy streets of big cities in Greece. The series is a minimalist, black-and-white study of shadows and shapes. “Putting aside the lifeless gray parts of ...

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Nikon Just Set the World Record for the Biggest Human Camera

Nikon has just been awarded the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest human camera. To celebrate its upcoming 100th anniversary on July 25th, 2017, Nikon released a load of collectible lenses, cameras, and other items. But their latest stunt in the celebration was to stand around in the courtyard ...

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Wet Plate Portraits of WWE Superstars

New York-based photographer James Weber recently shot a series of portraits of WWE wrestling superstars using the 1800s wet plate collodion process. The photos were shot over two days in two different arenas where the stars were wrestling: one day it was at the Sun National Bank Center in New ...

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This Ad Has Photographers Shaking Their Heads

There’s a new “photographers wanted” ad that’s making the rounds online and causing quite a reaction from photographers. This one was apparently posted by a couple looking for wedding photographers for their upcoming wedding. The ad was found and shared by Reddit user KingSpanner in the sub-Reddit ChoosingBeggars, where it ...

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