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This Audi Ad Was Shot Using 1/43 Scale Models and a Homemade Desert

Most car commercials involve big budgets, test drivers, and excursions to exotic far-away lands—unless, of course, you hire miniature photography master Felix Hernandez. For his latest assignment with Audi Middle East, Felix created his own personal desert and roadway right in the comfort of his own studio. For this particular ...

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A Video Response to Art of Photography

Source link A couple of weeks ago, Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography released a well-received video called WHY GEAR DOESN’T MATTER. This rebuttal, posted by Marc Falzon over at Analog Process, is one of the best arguments for how and why gear DOES matter that we’ve seen. Marc ...

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Dispelling the Myths Around Depth of Field and Crop Factor

Source link There is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion on the subjects of depth of field, the difference between full-frame and crop sensors, and the ‘crop factor.’ Time and time again I see arguments surface over these topics—in YouTube comments and on camera forums. This confusion is partly caused ...

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